Welcome to MMGI!
Thank you for considering MMGI (Multi Media Group International) for your production needs.
MMGI offers licensing of produced music from our facility for your audio/visual production needs (scoring, cues, background music, etc...) as well as a beautifully placed production facility in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Please feel free to browse through the available works for licensing on our music gallery page and our gallery of pictures and information of our production facility!
Ken Soltys
Phone: (706)897-2873
Location: Hayesville, NC 28904
Multi Media Group International
Multi Media Group International
A Sound Resource for Your Production Needs!
A Sound Resource for Your Production Needs!
Music Composition
Music Licensing
for Film/TV
Artist/Band CD Production
Customization of Sound/Music for Video Presentations
1900 Sq. ft Production Facility Beautifully Situated in Western North Carolina
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